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Inner Child
Group Coaching Program

This topic focuses on exploring and healing the emotional wounds of our childhood. By connecting with our inner child, we can uncover unresolved traumas, negative beliefs, and patterns that may be holding us back in our adult lives.




$2,300 value for just $495

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4 Signs You Need Inner Child Work

Learn how your behaviors, reactions, feelings, and thoughts can indicate you can benefit from Inner Child Work. Not only will you discover more about yourself but, you'll learn that you can heal and live a more authentic, healthy life.

Length - 13:26

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Is the Inner Child Coaching Program
for you?

  • What this program IS NOT
    This isn’t individual therapy. No one will be signing a therapy contract with Emily. There will be no diagnosis or treatment of psychiatric diagnoses. ​ This isn’t a service that can be submitted to insurance. ​ This service is not for people needing emergency access to a provider. Emily is not available for emergency services. Emily is not available for clients outside of normal business hours.
  • What this program IS
    This is a coaching program available to all expressions of gender, sexual orientations, race, religion, and spiritual beliefs. This is a safe place. Made possible by clear boundaries and expectations. And enforcement of the boundaries by Emily and the client. ​This program is for people who are ready and willing to commit to written, daily homework. This program will not work without active, daily participation. ​This program is for those who want to tap into the wisdom inside of them. This program is for those who want to deeply connect with their inner child and the parts they have inside. This program is for those ready to commit to scheduling their sessions every week or every other week.

Course Details


Beta - $495 (Normally $595 and value of $2,300)

Payment Plans available


September 27th, 2023 - November 1st, 2023

Each Wednesday from 5:00PM - 6:30PM MST

6 Live Sessions • 1 Per Week


Each weekly session will be a live course with Emily Eby that builds on the knowledge gained from the previous one. You'll be provided with lectures, discussions, journal prompts, practices, and other assignments to complete in between sessions.

Includes a member's only community where you can connect with Emily and your group members. You'll have your questions answered by Emily in between classes and get support from your group members on your shared struggles and breakthroughs

Course Objectives

  • Define Parts Work and Inner Child Work

  • Identify and interact with different parts

  • Identify conflicts, blocks, and resistance within and between parts

  • Learn to resolve conflicts with you and your parts

  • Develop a daily ritual of morning pages

  • Connect with your group members in a safe container

  • Rearrange your guts

  • Identify a plan for Inner Child Work going forward

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What you'll gain from this program

Register Today for Just $100

This and other payment options are available.

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$2,300 VALUE FOR JUST $495

Normally over $400 per week for individual coaching for just $83 per week!

Coaching Program Value


  • BA on Psychology

  • MA in Psychology

  • Licensed Professional Counselor 2011-present

  • 2000 hrs supervision for license

  • 150+ hours of post-graduate training in trauma therapy

  • Somatic Experiencing, Psychodrama, Trauma Therapy Training, Post Induction Training with Pia Mellody

  • 100s of hours of group facilitation and presentations

  • 8100 approx therapy hours with clients

  • 500+ hours of Emily's own trauma therapy


  • 6 Modules specially curated written content for each week

  • Multiple videos of step-by-step instructions for homework

  • 6 different specially curated homework assignments for each week

  • A private social community for others just like you in search of healing and support

  • Direct coaching from Emily in a small group format (normally $250/hr for individual coaching)

  • Direct access to Emily via private community for questions and support

  • All homework, content, and private community hosted on the beautiful Thinkific platform

Registration Details


$495 (Normally $595)


You'll be emailed an invoice for $100 due upon registration. Then, 30-days later, you'll receive the second invoice for the remaining. No extra fees!

• Payment 1: $100 

• Payment 2: $395


You'll be emailed an invoice for the first 50% due upon registration. Then, 30-days later, you'll receive the second invoice for the remaining 50% due. No extra fees!

• Payment 1: $247.50

• Payment 2: $247.50


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