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Intuition Restoration

This topic focuses on exploring and healing the emotional wounds of our childhood. By connecting with our inner child, we can uncover unresolved traumas, negative beliefs, and patterns that may be holding us back in our adult lives.


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Course Details


Beta - $495 (Normally $595)


June 20th, 2023 – August 4th, 2023

6 Sessions • 1 Per Week

Choose from two session options:

Tuesdays from 4:00PM - 5:30PM MST

Fridays from 10:00AM - 11:30AM MST


Each weekly session will be a live course with Emily Eby that builds on the knowledge gained from the previous one. You'll be provided with lectures, discussions, journal prompts, practices, and other assignments to complete in between sessions.

Course Objectives

  • Define Parts Work and Inner Child Work

  • Identify and interact with different parts

  • Identify conflicts, blocks, and resistance within and between parts

  • Learn to resolve conflicts with you and your parts

  • Develop a daily ritual of morning pages

  • Connect with your group members in a safe container

  • Rearrange your guts

  • Identify a plan for Inner Child Work going forward


Is this course for you?


  • This isn’t group therapy. We will not spend time working on interpersonal dynamics between group members. Meaning we will not be hashing out conflict or tension between group members. That will not be the focus.

  • This isn’t individual therapy. No one will be signing a therapy contract with Emily. There will be no diagnosis or treatment of psychiatric diagnoses. 

  • This isn’t a service that can be submitted to insurance.

  • This isn’t for someone brand new to therapy. This group is for experienced clients that have a strong foundation. 

  • This group isn’t for men. At this time, it is just for women.

  • This group isn’t for people in dire need of one-on-one care. This group program will focus on a group experience. As well as tapping into the wisdom inside of you.

  • This is a group coaching program. It will be run like a class. A therapeutic, trauma-informed class.

  • This is a safe place. Made possible by clear boundaries and expectations. And enforcement of the boundaries by Emily and each group member.

  • This group is for women with therapy and personal growth experience. This is to ensure that group members are not completely thrown for a loop. Someone brand new to these topics would be overwhelmed by this group and the material. Therefore, not being a good fit.

  • This group is for women who are ready and willing to commit to written, daily homework. This group will not work without active, daily participation.

  • This group is for women who want to tap into the wisdom inside of them. 

  • This group is for women who want to deeply connect with their inner child and the parts they have inside.

  • This group is for women looking to expand their circle of support with like-minded women.

  • This group is for women who can be vulnerable with boundaries. That means we know how to share the space with others, listen, and own our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Take a major step toward your healing journey.

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