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Meet Emily Eby

Master's-Level Trained Psychotherapist

Welcome to Emily Eby Courses, trauma-informed coaching courses that focus on transforming the stuck spaces. If you aren't getting your mind blown or being shocked by what you discover about yourself, then it's not working! I am all about transformation. I am all about us getting back to our true nature.  I am all about getting the hell out of hell and walking out the other side. This is what I do, this is what I love. 

My goal is to provide an environment free of shame and blame. This will be a place of vulnerability, warmth, integrity and honesty. Integrity means to stay in one piece. Many of us have been broken apart by our trauma, Emily Eby Courses focuses on bringing us back to one piece. This means telling the truth. This means taking responsibility for ourselves. This means finding a deep compassion for ourselves and each other. These courses will be a place of safety because we have boundaries in place. 

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My Story

I was a little sprite that came to this world knowing and understanding a lot. But not with words. I was connected to trees and animals. I had this spark until about 5 years old when my most significant trauma happened. When I “crashed to earth”. I still had a great life, I had great joy, I got to be a child. Yet, a schism had occurred. I had my above-ground life and my underground life. All the trauma was put underground, waiting until a time when I was ready and capable.


Anxiety became my constant companion, and I developed coping mechanisms like love addiction and using alcohol. In graduate school, I was obsessive and compulsive in my addiction.


I eventually found solace in recovery through Al-Anon and discovered the transformative power of breathing. I thrived in the structured environment of the 12 Steps. I then worked in treatment centers for addiction and trauma, created trauma programs, got highly trained in trauma therapy through 150+ post-graduate hours, and started a private practice.


My private practice challenges traditional approaches and prioritizes integrity and self-preservation. My journey as a therapist is driven by the audacity to remain whole despite life's challenges.

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Qualifications and Credentials


  • BA in Psychology from Western State College

  • MA in Psychology from the University of Colorado 

  • 2,000 hours of Supervision for Licensure

  • 9-Month Internship for Graduate Degree

  • 150+ Hours of Post-Graduate Training in Trauma Therapy

  • Trained with Pia Mellody at The Meadows

  • Training in Psychodrama, Codependency, Somatic Experiencing, Hokami, CBT, DBT, Group Therapy, Equine Therapy, Parts Work, Inner Child Work



I have been practicing as a therapist since 2008. I received my LPC license in Colorado in 2010 after 2000 hours of supervision. I have seen clients in my private practice since 2012. I have focused on trauma therapy from the beginning of my professional career. I was only interested in the experiential/body-centered therapies because I knew that’s what worked. And it’s what interested me. I was in search of solutions for myself, as well. 


As a result, I have attracted high functioning, well-informed trauma survivors. We are often working on family of origin issues, shame, guilt, reality distortions, sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse. I focus on educating about the nature of trauma, codependency, love addiction, and dysfunctional family systems. For transformation and healing, we work with the inner child/parts and the intuition to bring the self back into wholeness.

I have worked hundreds of hours in groups at treatment centers for trauma and addiction. I have led many workshops and seminars on codependency, love addiction, and trauma healing.

Therapeutic Approach and Specializations


REVIEW THE PAST: We must know where we are before we can get to where we want to go. This requires us to review the past. So much of what we believe about the world and ourselves is formulated in these early years.

TRAUMA EDUCATION: I've dedicated my professional career to training in and researching the most effective methods of trauma resolution. This I will share with you in a way that is easy to understand and in a way that applies to your unique story.

RESTORING INTUITION: This is a key element in our work together; it underlies everything else that I will share. Your intuition is one of the most valuable inner resources. 

INNER CHILD WORK and PARTS WORKS: Inner Child Work is my trauma therapy of choice. It is a tool for finding unresolved trauma within yourself. The trauma is made up of different parts that are symbolized by your inner child/part. These wounded inner children have been calling out for help, and you are the solution. I will teach you how to re-parent these wounded parts and move forward with love and appreciation for all the parts of yourself.

DAY-TO-DAY LIVING: Sometimes having the right words to face a challenge can make all the difference. As well as understanding that the challenges that you face today are rooted in your past. This understanding coupled with new skills of communication and boundary setting can change your life! 


Would you like to learn more about me or the courses?

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